Installing Goose Gear, Dynamat and Armorlite in my Jeep Wrangler

In this video I rip out my old storage and sleeping platform, and make some much needed upgrades to the Jeep.

I remember when I removed the backseats in my jeep 3 years ago… I had big plans for all that sweet, extra storage space! Dad and I built a custom sleeping and storage platform that worked great for camping. I feel like we were pretty lucky with how well it performed for our first time building something like that, but the time has come to try out a different setup.

In a couple of weeks I will be living in my Jeep Wrangler full time as I overland across the American South West to photograph beautiful landscapes. I have a new set of requirements that my old platform just doesn’t meet. So, I have made the decision to install the Goose Gear Platform, and reduce the noise inside the cabin with Dynamat and Armorlite.

Enjoy my struggles as I rip out the back with a crowbar and prepare the Jeep for full-time adventure! Thanks for watching!