Photographing SKYLINE RIM OVERLOOK in Utah

In this video, I walk along a narrow and sketchy ledge to get to a small rock where I would set up the tripod to get the shot of the canyon around me.

It was another morning I found myself waking up, crawling out of the Jeep while on a cliff edge. The stars began to disappear as the steam from my hot coffee escaped above the cup as I frantically grabbed my tripod. With my camera slung around my neck and hands full, I made my way close to the edge before beginning a walk that I will never forget. To get to the exact spot I set up my tripod, one must walk on a narrow path of loose dirt as it falls hundreds of feet below.

After setting up the shot, my nerves calmed down. All that was left to do was sip my coffee and wait for the light. Half my coffee was gone as the overlook began to come to life. The sun slowly began to rise, and the view kept getting better every minute. The textures, the shadows, the warm glow… everything was divine!

After I took the shot, I heard a “Holy shit!” off in the distance. Two other travelers, who were flying a drone, saw where I was standing and were quite alarmed. I was too if I am honest, but sometimes you gotta risk it to get the shot.

I hope you enjoy my photograph of the Skyline Rim Overlook in Utah.

Camera Gear
• Leica SL2
• Leica Super-Vario-Elmar-SL 16-35mm
• Gitzo Traveler Tripod
• Really Right Stuff (RRS) B-55 Ball head

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